SpagoBI The SpagoBI Demo


This demo offers an executive environment for the free use of the SpagoBI platform. Some pages and documents give you the visibility to the well-established developments and also to the current ones. We suggest you to visit periodically the demo site in order to keep yourself up-to-date with the platform's enrichment.

Running the demo

The SpagoBI’s demo is also available at where you can find some user instruction. The user/password for the platform login are directly written on the first page of the demo. We suggest you to access first the demo as simple end-user (biuser/biuser). Later you can access the demo as developer or admin in order to see the support and configuration’s services.

Click Here to Start the Demo


The first time, Tomcat has to compile each JSP and this may take several seconds.
You can also download the demo and use it in a stand-alone setting.