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Online Demos

Welcome to the OW2 Demo Server !

The following online demos are available:

  • EasyBeans Sudoku Demo: Discover the power of EasyBeans and Google Web Toolkit for creating AJAX applications ! [Browse Source] [HOWTO]
  • SpagoBI's demo: a sample to simplify the understanding of this Business Intelligence platform is provided.
  • Enhydra Application Server Demos: these demos are powered by Enhydra 6.2-2 (all binaries and sources of these and many other demo applications are included in the Enhydra distribution).
  • xPetstore 3.1.3 (open-source implementation of PetStore released on SourceForge). This is running Tomcat plugged to C-JDBC with two hsqldb backends and a recovery log.
  • C-JDBC Flash Demo. The demo was built by Mohan Chinnappan (J2EE Consultant).

If you want to add your demo, please contact webmaster@ow2.org.

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